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Trusted Consultants, LLC


Trusted Consultants, LLC provides and connects clients to services of interior design, architecture, master planning, engineering, construction, construction management, design studies, estimating and concierge through the company's dedicated team and through licensed and insured partner companies and consultants. Our clientele ranges from residential and commercial, to high profile and celebrity clients.


Abilio Furtado, M. Arch | Principal

Abilio Furtado, the principal at Trusted Consultants, LLC, has a broad education background and 20 years of experience.

Mr. Furtado's educational career began at a technical school for drafting. He continued his education at The Boston Architectural College where he graduated with a Bachelor's in Design Studies. He later acquired a Master's degree in Architecture from Florida International University, and is currently enrolled in an MBA program at Davenport University.

From a young age, Mr. Furtado has been advancing in his career, gathering experience across 3 countries, including several states in the US. His areas of experience are Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering and Construction for single family, multi-family and luxury residential, hospitality, educational, skyscrapers, retail, commercial, corporate and financial institution projects.

Abilio is fluent in English, Portuguese and Spanish, and masters communications within all tiers of design and construction, from the workers, to licensed professionals, and the client. 




happy clients


 Peter Maxymych

I have used Abilio and his team on many projects. They do timely work, and in very detailed good taste. I highly recommend them and their services.

Monica Avellar

It's always a pleasure working with Abilio.

Very professional.

Leo Romano

“O profissionalismo do Abílio me deu tranquilidade para aceitar o desafio de um projeto a distância. Com gentileza e maestria, ele e sua equipe cumpriram os prazos e garantiram a uma primorosa execução para o meu espaço.”


Trusted Consultants, LLC

Telephone (954) 536-1583

Serving South Florida


All projects displayed in this website have had complete or partial participation in design and/or construction of Abilio Furtado and/or Trusted Consultants LLC. 

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